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Checkout our new blog Texas Beach Homes
NEW: Search the entire Texas coast MLS from one site!
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Our Rare and Remarkable New Construction Top Value Picks
The map shows our top value picks and most innovative projects on the Texas Gulf Coast. See our new construction page for a more complete list of projects.

Contact us and we'll tell you why we have chosen these as our top value picks at sales@texasgulfcoastonline.com
Rare and Remarkable New Construction on the Texas Coast
The combined mindset of our top realtors located in Galveston, Crystal Beach, Port Aransas, Port O'Connor and South Padre - along with TexasGulfCoastOnline's market research - has produced a list of rare and remarkable products that are a sure bet for value and appreciation in the future.

Our Basic Criteria:
  1. The properties being built, as well as the location, have to be rare and unique.
  2. The owners and developers of the projects must be reputable and solidly financed.
  3. An impressive amenities package must be offered both in the individual homes as well as the community - and must exceed what is already available in the local area. 
  4. A good marketing plan and sales operation team must be in place to ensure the project's success.
  5. The project must not have major erosion and insurance issues.
  6. The project should have energy efficient and storm resistant home and community technologies available.
  7. The project design and price range should fit with the buyer profile(s) for the area, and its surrounding properties.
  8. The project and personnel must be in good standing with the community. (local government, chamber of commerce, Realtors, etc)

We are on your side!

Unless it is clearly indicated, Alice Donahue Real Estate does not represent the owner or seller of these properties, we represent you.

The real estate agency that represents the seller must by law put the seller's interests above yours in the transaction.

Now here is the best part, our services as your buyer's agent cost you nothing, that's right, absolutely zero! Our compensation comes entirely from the seller, which typically means the seller's agent splits their commission with us.

The bottom line is you are represented with experienced experts in the real estate transaction at no cost to you and that can only put you ahead, not just in potential savings, but in every phase of the transaction and even after the sale.

More and more buyers today are becoming aware of these facts and are using buyer's agents. You wouldn't go to court with the prosecuting attorney as your lawyer, and likewise, you shouldn't go into one of your most important and cherished investments without an expert in real estate on your side.

We do this everyday and that's why we have become one of the Texas Gulf Coast's most popular real estate brokers.

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The Most Popular Real Estate on the Texas Gulf Coast
The Most Popular Real Estate on the Texas Gulf Coast

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